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Typical Property Management Services provided by Pinnacle Property

Pinnacle Property - Buildings Management & MaintenanceBuildings Management & Maintenance

  • For the cleaning of the internal common areas.
  • For the maintenance of all landscaped areas.
  • For the cleaning of the common area windows internally and externally.
  • For the cleaning of the external windows of private dwellings (if so provided in Title).
  • For the servicing and maintenance of sewage and water pumps.
  • The servicing of Service Contracts and Independent Engineers' Statuary inspections for all lifts.
  • For the servicing contracts for all electronic access systems including vehicular gates and pedestrian gates.
  • For the provision of fire safety arrangement notices for the safety of occupiers and users of The Premises through the Fire System Contractors.
  • For the periodic collection of refuse from The Premises by Local Authority or by Private Contractors.
  • For the arrangement of vermin and pest control services to The Premises as required.
  • For the arrangement of specialised carpet cleaning services annually or as required in The Premises.

The arrangement of

  • Clear directional signage where necessary in connection with Traffic Movements, Parking, Refuse Disposal, Fire Safety, Entrance and Exits etc.
  • Maintenance of all light fittings, bulb changes and general electricity supply to The Premises.
  • Servicing of the fire safety systems The Client has in place and limited to fire extinguishers, automatic openings and ventilation, fire alarm systems, hose reels, dry risers, hydrants and emergency lighting unless specifically stated in writing by The Client and agreed with The Agent. For avoidance of doubt The Agent's responsibility is limited to arranging the procurement of servicing of the fire safety systems and any liability arising from faults in the fire safety systems will fall to The Client.
  • Servicing and maintenance of all security systems including Closed Circuit TV systems.
  • The provision of on site Security Services.
  • The maintenance and cleaning of the refuse storage areas in The Premises.
  • The inspections of The Premises without the use of equipment such parts of the common parts of The Premises only as can be inspected safely and without undue difficulty to ascertain for the purpose of day to day management only the general condition of those common parts.
  • The monitoring in particular of the quality of cleaning and grounds maintenance services to assess reasonable and adequate performance to the specification agreed.
  • Notification of The Client within a reasonable time upon it coming to the attention of The Agent any exceptional defects or necessary works or repair needed in The Premises.

Pinnacle Property - Financial ManagementFinancial Management

  • Annually in advance prepare for The Client's approval a Budget Forecast for the following financial year including a Sinking/Reserve Fund provision.
  • Prepare issue and administer the appropriate Service Charge Accounts to all Members apportioned in accordance with the terms of the Lease or Title and as prescribed by the approved Budget.
  • Collect current instalments of Service Charges and any such other monies due from the Members.
  • Lodge directly all Service Charge receipts and record all payments to each owners account.
  • Issue Direct Debit mandates and monitor and record receipts to The Client holding account agreed to be used for such direct debit purposes only.
  • Issue such reminders for the normal collection and recovery of all Service Charges.
  • Take such measures in accordance with the Terms set down on Title to notify any non-paying Member in advance and to charge such interest to the Member within a reasonable time before the completion of the financial year.
  • In accordance with the terms of the Head Lease pass any non-paying Service Charge account to specialist Solicitors for the recovery of same through the legal process. Legal costs incurred in collection of outstanding service charges which cannot be recovered from the individual member will be borne by The Client.
  • Expend such sums received for the benefit of The Premises that are prescribed within the Budget specified and agreed in advance.
  • In the case of an emergency take such reasonable measures and incur such expenses, as The Agent shall consider appropriate and necessary to mitigate damages.
  • Expend such sums received for the benefit of The Premises that are prescribed within the Budget specified and agreed in advance
  • In the case of an emergency take such reasonable measures and incur such expenses, as The Agent shall consider appropriate and necessary to mitigate damages
  • Expend such sums considered necessary by The Agent to ensure compliance with any statutory provision affecting The Premises or affecting The Client of The Agent with regard to The Premises
  • Maintain proper financial records, books of account and all financial statements relating to The Premises and the management thereof at all times and ensure same is available at all reasonable times for inspection by the Board of The Client and its Auditors
  • Monitor and report to The Client on the actual performance against budget as required by the Board of the Client
  • Prepare the books of accounts to Trial Balance and pass same to the appointed Auditors for The Client for preparation of the Annual Audit in accordance with the relevant Company Legislation
  • Maintain deposit and current accounts for The Client and prepare periodic reconciliation statements
  • Take such reasonable care to ensure that all Sinking Funds Reserves are maintained in the deposit account and the interest rate is appropriate and recorded
  • Supply periodically as required by the Board of the Client such Financial reports including Debtors and Income & Expenditure Reports relating to the affairs of The Client
  • Prepare such apportionment Accounts in the financial periods for phased developments to ensure appropriate service charge contributions and charges any additional work required to be performed by The Agent relating to Member apportionment accounts for subsequent years after appointment will be billed separately at an agreed fee

Pinnacle Property - Corporate Administration ServicesCorporate Administration Services

  • Maintain files of Member's details and other documents relating to The Premises that have been supplied to The Agent
  • Address routine verbal or written enquiries received from The Client or any Member
  • Procure and arrange a Health & Safety Statement to ensure statutory compliance with company legislation. The Agent will not advise on Health and Safety matters. For avoidance of doubt, the Agent's responsibility is limited to arranging the procurement of a Safety Statement on behalf of The Client and any liability arising from breaches in Health & Safety will fall to The Client. The Client will indemnify The Agent in respect of any claims against The Agent arising from breaches in Health & Safety legislation
  • Call and arrange such Client Meetings as are necessary to ensure that The Client is adequately informed on the day to day activities and management of The Premises
  • Arrange conference room facilities for Client meetings
  • Arrange the hiring of local function rooms for the Annual General Members meeting or any extraordinary General Members Meetings that are required to be held during the Term
  • Arrange and issue annually Member's Newsletter summarising the activities past present and planned
  • Issue Notices/Circulars relating to the day-to-day management as required

Pinnacle Property - InsuranceInsurance

  • Arrange and procure such insurances in The Clients own name as is necessary for the appropriate and adequate cover of liabilities, claims or proceedings in respect of expense or loss arising out of damage/standard perils to The Premises provided always where adequate and appropriate insurance requires advice from Independent Professional Valuers. The Agent shall have no responsibility obligation or liability in respect of such valuations.
  • Procure such other insurance requirements being Public Liability, Alternative Accommodation and Employers liability cover where appropriate.
  • Procure Director's and Officers' Liability insurance as is deemed appropriate by the Board of the Client.
  • Receive and report insurance claims to the Brokers for The Client.
  • Pass Broker's details to Members in the event of changes in Member's details
  • Within two months of the policy or policies renewal date, enter negotiations to ensure competitive renewal terms for the company
  • Maintain schedules of insurance on files and provide copies of same as requested by Members