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Property Management Agents

Pinnacle Property - Property Management

At Pinnacle Property we know from over 20 years experience that finding a good Managing Agent is crucial to successfully maintaining a development. Having witnessed first hand the issues caused by poor management, Pinnacle Property was established in 2010. Combining our experience as estate agents, property managers, investors, owner occupiers and accountants we felt it was time that a management agency should be set up with the owners interests in mind. There were too many unprofessional agents out there who did not have the necessary professional background or experience and were answerable to the developers first and foremost.

Property Management Services:

At Pinnacle Property our goal is to provide:

  • Honest Advice
  • Transparent Accounting
  • Reduced Running Costs
  • Improved Service
  • Affordable Property Management

Our services include:

  • Keep the accounts
  • Sort out problems relating to the common areas
  • Send out bills
  • Make sure that all bills are paid
  • Manage all contractors
  • Obtain competitive quotes