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Other Property Management Services

Services not covered as part of the terms of this Agreement in addition to matters listed and expressly excluded, but can be offered separately for a fee, are as follows:

  • For the avoidance of any doubt should any of the below mentioned services be required, the remuneration provided under the terms of the appointment shall not cover such services and same shall be agreed separately at the time. The Managing Agent shall also be reimbursed by The Client for all or any agreed out of pocket expenses incurred.
  • Carrying out a Building Survey for security purposes, insurance purposes, and/or dilapidations reports
  • Acting as Letting Agents in respect of any unused common parts or parking areas
  • Initiating, conducting, preparing evidence for and attending hearings for and otherwise dealing with any disputes relating to party walls, planning applications within The Premises or adjoining of adjacent to The Premises, insurance claims, latent defects in construction, service charge disputes or any other issues not relative to the Agent's standard duties of appointment
  • Dealing with Local Government matters including Local Authority Rates, Taxes, and Building Regulation Compliance
  • Engaging, instructing, supervising and paying the fees, other charges, disbursement from funds of any contractor, professional or Consultant engaged directly by The Client.
  • Preparing specifications and tenders for supervising and measuring works are above the day-to-day expenditure limits which ever is the greater for non-routine matters.
  • Advising on Health & Safety legislation.
  • Any advertisement and recruitment of staff on behalf of The Client other than staff as described.
  • Supplying extra copies of Financial Statements and Audits and copies of any other documents.
  • Supplying on request receipts to individual Members other than standard run Statement Receipts.
  • Dealing with or advising The Client upon application for assignment of tenancies or leases, Sub-lettings, alterations and changes of use.
  • Providing safe storage for original duplicate indentures, head leases and financial records in compliance with company legislation.
  • Provide information to Solicitors and/or others in connection with requisitions in the event of a sale and recover such costs of administration from vendors' solicitors and/or their agents.
  • Dealing with Residents Association Meetings, administration or secretarial requirements.
  • Dealing with Neighbourhood Watch Scheme other than providing initial assistance with the setting up of such a scheme.
  • Managing any administration or adjustments to the Service Charge apportionment arising from an extraordinary resolution to amend same.
  • Dealing with any Title issue that may arise in relation to Rights of Way or Conveyances past or present.