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Pinnacle Property Company Profile

Established in 2010, Pinnacle Property was a culmination of a years work, bringing together all the various expertise needed. We have gathered a team of accountants, estate agents, property managers, solicitors and trades people who all have direct experience of Multi-Unit Development. The goal was simple, be better than the rest, ensure owners know what was going on in their developments and providing sound advice on how best to manage their development.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to meet each development's particular requirements, provide unparalleled service to its residents, and maintain and enhance the development's value as cost effectively as possible. Our focus on client satisfaction starts with identifying the unique style and character of each development and knowing that property management is a service industry, in which success depends on effective communication with the client in both directions. We encourage all our staff to view complaints as opportunities and to recognize that complaints, no matter how they may appear, are serious to those who make them. Our approach is not just responsive, but proactive. Responsiveness is obviously essential but anticipation is the mark of professionalism. Successful property management is the satisfaction of its resident owners.

About Us

Recognizing the variety of skills needed for effective property management. Every Pinnacle Property-managed development gains the benefit, experience and insights of our senior executive team. The principals of Pinnacle Property are heavily experienced in the various required fields.

Seamus C. Kane has been operating his accountancy practice since 1981, he will deal with all aspects pertaining to the asset management, fiscal health of your development to include essential technical, operational, accounting and basic management functions of accounts payable, accounts receivable and budgeting.

We are supported by a team of competent support staff who are based in our prestigious offices in the Dundrum Office Park, Dublin 14. In our management system, all issues of accessibility, responsibility and accountability for every aspect of each managed development, reside with a single person and there is no ambiguity.