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Ancillary Property Management Services

Ancillary Services to be provided to The Client subject to ancillary charges being paid to The Agent:

After Hours Emergency Helpline

Arrange to procure After Hour Coverage for the Emergency repair of common plumbing and electrical services and assistance to Member's queries in respect of Buildings or Service faults.

Typical emergency calls would cover:

  • A leak of water damage from one apartment to another or from a common area or sewer mains blockages
  • An alarm activation
  • A break-in or security incident
  • Entrapment in a lift
  • A fire incident or fire alarm activation
  • Vehicular gate failure
  • Damage to a common area security door
  • An injury or accident occurring within a communal area
  • Mains utility failure i.e. water, electricity of gas

For avoidance of doubt, this facility is provided to developments to allow owners to contact a central point in order that a registered contractor is called out for plumbing and electrical faults to common areas. There is no guaranteed response time or any guarantee that the contractor will be able to address the fault in question. The registered contractors have a general commitment to respond within two hours and no later than 8am the following morning. The Agent will have no liability whatsoever for any claims in respect of the failure of the registered contractor to attend and fix any reported faults.

Company Secretariat Services

  • Act as Company Secretary for The Client
  • Provide registered office to The Client
  • Prepare, issue (and re-issue following any amendments) the minutes of all Clients meetings and maintain statutory minute book
  • Call General Meetings, Extraordinary Meetings and Board Meetings in accordance with current Company Legislation
  • Advise on the appointment, retirement and or rotation of the Board of Directors
  • Assist the Board of Directors in relation to their powers and duties whilst in service
  • Hold the Company Seal and execute Membership Certificates following Conveyances/Assignments
  • Arrange for the management of all Reserve Fund Accounts
  • Advise on procedures and business to be conducted at the Annual General Meetings
  • Arrange for the management of all Reserve Fund Accounts
  • Advise on procedures and business to be conducted at the Annual General Meetings
  • Arrange the filing of Annual Returns, special resolutions and any changes relating to the Directors
  • Arrange approved Audited Accounts are sent out to all Members together with prescribed advance notice of the Annual General Meetings
  • Present the Accounts at the Annual General Meetings and address any queries arising

Staff Administration: Janitorial/Porter/Security/Caretaker/Concierge

  • Advertise and procure the recruitment of all replacement staff having regard to the duty specification and maintenance requirements of The Premises
  • Make certain that candidates employment and character records are satisfactory
  • Arrange the execution of contracts of employment specifying terms and conditions of employment
  • Confirm satisfactory workmanship standards for all tasks
  • Instruct and arrange training where necessary
  • Oversee work activities to ensure they are executed in a productive, efficient manner
  • record and advise on sick leave, absenteeism, holiday entitlements and or overtime
  • Arrange and implement such holiday cover on site as is deemed necessary
  • Support and train the on site personnel to deliver services in a courteous and service orientated manner
  • Confirm that equipment is provided, repaired and maintained including inventory
  • Confirm that staff are wearing appropriate clothing and footwear on site
  • Make certain that a well stocked first aid box and contents are provided
  • Operate a salary scale programme which includes long service increments
  • Arrange weekly remuneration, including statutory payslips record all tax and social security deductions and make statutory PAYE and PRSI returns to the Revenue Commissioners

Any other Professional Services

  • Any other Professional Services required by The Client of The Agent subject to prior agreement an appropriate provision being made for the payment of same in addition to The Managing Fee or incorporated in the Annual Budget referred to the Agreement. Additional work not part of the specified service shall be remunerated by the hour at an agreed rate.